Migrant organizations in the Netherlands

Over time, migrants in the Netherlands have formed thousands of organizations in order to represent their interests, to shape their religious life, to increase their social welfare, to express their culture and for many other reasons. In the last decade, CGM-members have created several databases as part of various researches. These databases are now combined in the CGM database on Migrant organizations in the Netherlands. These organizations are searchable online.

The database lists among other things the name of the organization and the country of origin, ethnicity and possible religion of the target groups. Also group-specific markers such as ‘elderly’, ‘youth’ or ‘women’ are listed. Furthermore, it is possible to search for primary objectives such as welfare, social-cultural, interest representation, sports, culture, etc.

The research
The majority of the organizations included in the database have been identified by entering keywords into the digital register of the Chamber of Commerce. The system that was used elaborated on previous research on migrant organizations by IMES (Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies) in Amsterdam. In addition, the World Wide Web has been extensively searched. Finally, extensive secondary literature and a large number of magazines by migrant organizations have been taken into account.
In between eighty to ninety percent of the more than 6,000 migrant organizations included in the database can be found in the registers of the Chamber of Commerce. The remaining twenty percent are mostly churches, informal organizations and websites. In the context of this database, organizations are perceived as: groups who enter the public domain and proclaim themselves as organization with a defined objective.
The CGM database includes (parts of) data from the following databases:
Name databaseAuthors and affiliationPeriodAmount of records
Indische Nederlanders en repatriantenMarga Alferink en Ulbe Bosma, IISG1945-2007338
MolukkersMarga Alferink en Ulbe Bosma1945-2007454
Italiaanse organisaties in NederlandMarthe Mulder, Universiteit Leiden2008102
Chinese organisaties in NederlandAnja van Heelsum, IMES2003225
Molukse organisaties in NederlandAnja van Heelsum, IMES2003369
Turkse organisaties in NederlandAnja van Heelsum en Jean Tillie, IMES19991125
Marokkaanse organisaties in NederlandAnja van Heelsum, IMES2001695
Vluchtelingenorganisaties in NederlandAnja van Heelsum, IMES2004631
Ghanese organisaties in AmsterdamMaria Berger, Anja van Heelsum, Meindert Fennema en Jean Tillie IMES199861
Surinaamse en Antilliaanse organisaties in AmsterdamMaria Berger, Annabel Feenstra, Anja van Heelsum, Jean Tillie en Meindert Fennema, IMES199843 Antilliaans, 91 Surinaams
Marokkaanse organisaties in AmsterdamFleur Alink, Maria Berger, Meindert Fennema en Jean Tillie1998106
Marokkaanse organisaties in Amsterdam, editie 2001Anja van Heelsum2001173
Turkse organisaties in AmsterdamJean Tillie en Meindert Fennema1997106
Turkse organisaties in Amsterdam, editie 2000Anja van Heelsum2000189
Surinaamse organisaties in AmsterdamFloris Vermeulen, IMES1960-2003397
Turkse organisaties in AmsterdamFloris Vermeulen, IMES1960-2003189
Turkse organisaties in BerlijnFloris Vermeulen, IMES1960-2003231
Marokkaanse organisaties in AmsterdamFloris Vermeulen, IMES1960-2006286
Deutsche Verein in die NiederlandenLeo Lucassen, Universiteit Leiden1894-19241471

Without the extensive help of those active in migrant organizations, this database would not have been established. Nevertheless, errors cannot be excluded. Suggestions for additions and improvements are highly appreciated. You can send them to: migrantenorganisaties@iisg.nl