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Author: International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Data per country from 1969. Main statistics (annual): strikes and lockouts, workers involved, days not worked, rates of days not worked by economic activity
    Available at:
  • Information about recent strikes and other labour conflicts from all around the world in 23 languages. Labourstart. Where unionists start their day on the internet



Author: Edward Fokuoh Ampratwum

  • Data 1995 to 2004
    Available: Text file (.doc, 484 KB)


General information about strikes and conflicts in Europe can be found on the following websites.
This site contains daily and sub-daily coded data on protest and coercion in 1980-1995. The data are interval. The date, day, action type, location, protest group and targets are shown, the organizational strength of the protesters is estimated and there is a description of each event with the identification of the original source.
You will find all files both in Microsoft Office 97/2000 and in ASCII formats. The data are in Excel 97/2000 format as well as in ASCII text and tab-delimited format. Now complete are Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, FR Germany, GDR, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
The European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) is a monitoring instrument offering news and analysis on European industrial relations. A project of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, EIRO began its operations in 1997. Its aim is to collect, analyze and disseminate high-quality and up-to-date information on key developments in industrial relations in Europe. It aims primarily to serve the needs of national and European level organizations of the social partners, governmental organizations and EU institutions.


Authors: Charles Tilly and David K. Jordan

  • Data on strikes and labor disturbances in France from 1830 to 1960. Individual strikes and labor disturbances are separated by date, region (department), industry, cause, duration, outcome, and total involvement. The extent of unionization is recorded by department with numbers of employer organizations, worker organizations, mixed organizations containing both groups, and agricultural unions. Additional indicators list total membership for these categories, including the differentiation of female membership within union totals.
    Available at:


Authors: Heiner Dribbusch and Sjaak van der Velden

Aggregate data on strikes between 1919-1923 and 1950-2007. Official data and corrected data.
Available: Text file (.doc, 837 KB)

Author: Renate Huertgen 

Aggregate data on strikes in East Germany (DDR) 1960-1988. Available Text file (.doc, 44 KB)

the Netherlands

Official statistics
Author: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)

  • Aggregate data 1901-present
    Available at:

Micro Data
Author: Sjaak van der Velden


Author: Raquel Varela

  • 234 strikes during the Revolução dos Cravos in 1974 (April-September)
    Available: Text file (.doc, 244 KB)
  • 12 general strikes 1911-2007
    Available: Spreadsheet (.xls, 50 KB) or database (.mdb, 3,400 KB)


Authors: Leonid Borodkin and Irina Shilnikova

  • 7,887 strikes between 1890 and 1915 in pre-revolutionary years
    Available: Spreadsheet (.xls, 2.606 MB) and codebook (.doc, 91 KB)

Author: Kevin Murphy

  • 46,220 strikes between 1901 and 1929 in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union (aggregate data)                                                               Available: Spreadsheet (.xls, 29 Kb)



Author: Swedish mediation Office

  • strikes and lockouts that took place in 1965-2007 (aggregate data)
    Available: pdf.file(56 KB)
  • micro data of labourconflicts, 2003-2007
    Available: textfile (.doc, 162 KB)

United Kingdom

Author: David Green

  • 294 strikes that took place in London between 1790 and 1870.
    Available: Spreadsheet (.xls, 76 KB) and explanation (.doc, 112 KB)

Author: Quentin Outram

  • Data on 7,800 strikers in British mines between 1893 and 1940.
    Available: Spreadsheet (.xls, 1.933 MB), Guide I (.pdf, 269 KB), Guide II (.pdf, 261 KB) and Sources (.pdf, 6 KB)

North America 

Website containing data, stories and other sources on strikes and unions during the 1930's in Washington State. Visit 

South America


Author: Nicolas Inigo Carrera