Since 2003 several workshops discussed the specific nature of longitudinal data:

  • 2003 MontrĂ©al: workshop of the International Microdata Access Group (IMAG): 'Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Historical Data: Intersections and  Opportunities'. For the proceedings, see Dillon and Roberts (pp.1-8).

  • 2006 Amsterdam: ‘Disseminating and Analyzing Longitudinal Historical Data’ (agenda)

  • 2008 (April) Ann Arbor: workshop Standardizing Historical Longitudinal Databases (agenda)

  • 2008  (October) Miami: workshop on Historical Longitudinal Databases (preconference SSHA) (agenda)

  • 2009 Long Beach: workshop on Historical Longitudinal Databases (preconference SSHA) (agenda)

For a further elaboration of the specific  nature of longitudinal data and for a description of the first version of the Intermediate Data Structure (IDS), see George Alter, Kees Mandemakers & Myron Gutmann, ‘Defining and Distributing Longitudinal Historical Data in a General Way Through an Intermediate Structure’, Historical Social Research, 34 (2009), 1, 78-114 (pdf).

For an overview and content of existing databases, see the website of the International Commission for Historical Demography (ICHD), see here.