Performs a variety of tasks in growing crops and breeding and raising livestock.What is HISCO?
Central to history is the world of work in the past, as known by occupational activities. Yet comparative research in this field is severely hampered by confusion regarding occupational terminology across time and space, within as well as between languages. To overcome this, we create an occupational information system that is both international and historical, and simultaneously links to existing classifications used for present-day conditions. The information system uses a historical international classification of occupations (HISCO) to combine various kinds of information on their tasks and duties in historical settings, as well as images on the history of work.

What do we provide?
We offer information on occupations in the past:

  • Tens of thousands of occupational titles from countries and languages around the world from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.
  • linked to short descriptions of the content of the work
  • linked to images and iconographic essays on the world of work
  • computer assisted coding of your occupational titles into HISCO
  • a bibliography on the world of work and links to related websites.
  • information on the social class scheme HISCLASS

How can I benefit?
By visiting the new IISH dataverse webpage, you are able to find all kinds of occupational data at: Moreover by uploading content yourself, you're data will receive a permanent link, so it's easy to share your data also over long periods of time)

How can I contribute?
By uploading your own coding efforts you can help others as well as enhance overall coding quality, since coding efforts can be made comparable. You can upload your data at

How can I join?
It is no longer the possible to join the collaboratory. All of the files available in the collab have been moved to the IISH History of work dataverse at:

We now also have twitter account: @2hisco. In addition to this website, you can put up any of your coding related questions there!