2. Calendar

The calendar holds events. It may be named differently on our LifeRay implementation ( Calendar, events, Holiday calendar, etc. ) and persist on different places.


  • On the public group website there is a public calendar
  • On the public version1 website there is a link to the public calendar
  • Each collaboratorive workspace has an internal calendar.
  • Every user on LifeRay has a personal calendar, allthough it is put on a public place that is viewable by all.

Adding events

  1. Use "Add event" or the little plus sign on the right-top side of a calendar day.
  2. fill out the date, title, description, type of event, etc.
  3. Press Save

Exporting iCalendar

An internet calendar export file is a document you can download from the calendar and import into another calendar such as Google, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. The events will then be visible in those calendars. If enabled, you will see an import\export tab on the right side of the calendar.


Views are one the menu tabs and used to display the calendar content by dateranges:
  • Summary: View the current day and events on that day
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Events will show you all calendar items
  • Export\Import offers ( if enabled ) you the ability to export\import events

Further reading on the LifeRay website

Calendar portlet
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