The aim of the project is to create an on-line electronic repository of Russian historical statistics. The repository will provide a basic set of indicators for measuring social and economic development at the regional level for five benchmark years - 1800, 1850, 1900, 1950, 2000. The data in the repository are extracted from various published and unpublished sources and are standardised for comparability over time and across regions.

The territory covered by the database is that of the current Russian Federation. Data are provided at the level of individual oblasti  for 1950 and 2000, and at the level of individual gubernii  for 1800, 1850, and 1900. End-users of the database will have the possibility to retrieve data in a standardised format comparable over time which recalculates 19th century data into the current territorial-administrative units of the Russian Federation.

The repository will contain data for the following general categories:
  • Industrial production
  • Agricultural production
  • Services
  • Land
  • Capital
  • Labour
  • Population
The project has started in September 2010 and will be concluded in September 2013 by the public launch of the database, which will be available online for all interested users, free of charge.
Preliminary results of the project and data-presentations scheduled for international scientific conferences will be posted at this page.